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Political Activation of Regional Identity in the Kyrgyz Society
My articles | Views: 2416 | Added by: elbilge | Date: 2010-02-07

In our opinion, Türkic peoples were bearer of (some) Shan-Ying and Zhou traditions (or inherited them through historical intercommunications) and the origin of Türkic script is closely related to the two elements that underlay the ancient Zhou canon Zhouyi (or Yijing), line and abortive line. Line and angle (abortive line turned to angle) constitute all letters of the Türkic alphabet, sometimes with curved varieties: curved line and semicircle (curved angle) and with account of this cause, we would like to name Türkic “runic” script as ‘linearly-angular’.
My articles | Views: 3163 | Author: Nazikbek Kydyrmyshev | Added by: elbilge | Date: 2008-01-24

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